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Burnout and Stress: What You Can Do to Prevent Them

When the pandemic hit in the first quarter of 2020, we saw the whole world undergo a lockdown. The lockdown necessitated the transition of work and school towards the home environment to continuously preserve our safety.

Our children have undergone learning from home modalities to continue their education. We, on the other hand, have acclimated towards the work from home arrangements made by our companies. Other frontliner personnel too have begun the adjustments to accommodate alterations in how business is done in the midst of a pandemic.


The work from home arrangement would seem ideal in that it has several benefits. This arrangement reduces the overall expenses for those who regularly commute to work and allows us to spend more time with our families. There is a catch however, in that you blur the boundaries between work and family time when you take the work environment to your home.

Before the pandemic, work situations involved the complete cessation of work-related matters once you clock off. However, since you are at home, there is no such stoppage of work time as you would be able to take on more work-related responsibilities in addition to those responsibilities you have at home.

Where burnout is coming from?

When you combine child-care, housework, school-work and work from home arrangements, this can lead to a compounded effect of stress. This exacerbated effect of stress can lead to burnout. When you suffer from burnout, this is one of those effects that complicates your relationships at work. The question is what can you do about burnout?

The initiative to prevent burnout amongst employees in the workplace starts with the management. It is important to establish set boundaries for work in this type of arrangement. If regular work starts from 9 to 5, then continue to maintain this strategy. On our part, if we work as a team, learn how to delegate tasks so you would not shoulder every responsibility.

If you are an individual however, you will want to say no if you are over-tasked with responsibilities. Learn how to say no, and to play to your strengths in the workplace. This way you would be able to accomplish the tasks that you set out to do without the sense of drudgery that some tasks may make you feel.

What’s next?

It is important that you consider your limits as only you would know if you can take on this amount of tasks. Balance comes from within yourself, and if you are able to set a healthy boundary between work and home, then you would be able to prevent burnout.

More importantly, talk out your feelings. Calgary Psychologist Counselling offers professional services so we can help you cope with your work related stresses and other psychological issues you encounter.

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