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Best Foods for Depression

Depression is never a joke. It is a serious matter that must not be taken for granted. Here in Calgary, there are increasing cases of depression and we must do something about it.

Furthermore, there are steps that you can undertake and also foods to take when depressed. Believe it or not, those foods can help a lot in releasing stress hormones.

Foods For Depression

In this article, we will try our best to enumerate those foods. This will help you in including them in your meals to solve stress.

Here are the best foods for stress that we are talking about:

  • Green leafy vegetables: They are known to contain a lot of vitamin C and iron. It boosts our immune system and allows us to have great blood circulation. This gives our brain an ample amount of oxygen for us to think properly.
  • Fruits: A huge number of fruits do have the nutrients that our body needs. It replenishes our bodies and provides us with energy. Not only that, they strengthen our immune system which prevents us from getting sickly. As a result, we will become healthy not only in our physical health but mental aspects as well.
  • Onions: This is known to have good anti-inflammatory properties. People use onions to lower blood pressure, reduce cancers, and treat an infection. Only a few people know that the formula found in onions can help calm our minds. This is important to reduce the instances of depression. Mostly, depression happens due to mental exhaustion.
  • Beans: It is usually considered food for the heart. As a result, better blood circulation is achieved which will allow us to think properly. Also, stress hormones will lower down preventing the occurrence of depression. However, be mindful as too much consumption of beans can increase your uric acid.


Battling depression can be a daunting task. But if you are informed of what to do, this would not be a problem. You might as well want to include the right foods in your diet. This will speed up the process of healing in case you are already suffering from depression.

Aside from that, counseling would really help to battle depression. Regarding that, will always be there to help you recover. Just drop us a message whenever you feel that you need professional help.

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